72 Macdonell Street, Guelph, ON
Hotel: 1-844-937-8123 | Restaurant: 519-824-2560
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August 2015

We enjoyed staying here. — Room stayed in 302

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James McClarty

Phasellu por fusce smium soina penati rienntes nasetur memo
lestie lacuanulla dui. Fusce feug male suada odio.

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Mary Ann

“Thanks for a great stay. We just left the hotel and put the keys and two fobs in the box. Hotel was a 10/10!”

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October 2015

Lovely space, great location – many thanks for amazing guest room. — room stayed in 307

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September 2015

Beautiful hotel room. We had a great stay. The bed was really comfortable and I love the sky lights in the kitchen. — stayed in room 205

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